Developing cultural infrastructure to accelerate city development

Klimahaus Bremerhaven Germany

Creative industries and cultural tourism can become strategic assets for big cities. Globally, some of them are deliberately developing cultural zones. Examples include the Zorlu Center near Istanbul, Odaiba in Tokyo, West Kowloon Cultural District in Hong Kong, NDSM in Amsterdam and Stratford City Development in London. 

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Cultural projects are drivers of urban regeneration

Developing a cultural infrastructure

Bilbao, in Spain’s Basque Country, is now an icon of culture-led urban regeneration, with the Guggenheim Museum. One of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, the building has been hailed as a “signal moment in the architectural culture”, because it represents “one of those rare moments when critics, academics, and the public were all completely united about something”, according to architectural critic Paul Goldberger.

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