Architecture has always been one of the essential symbols for the development of a society. Unfortunately, in many places, the complexity of human facets and their representation and consideration in the design of buildings, squares and cities no longer flows into the planning. The reduction to form and function has robbed the human places of their richness, and thus also deprived people of their inner wealth. Hyperion’s aim is to create a healing place for its inhabitants and the surrounding area, which takes into account the complexity of the human facets in its development and, moreover, creates a living space that focuses on essential human aspects such as nutrition, community and the connection to nature.

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Integral Resorts

The Integral Resorts are innovative and holistic holiday resorts located in natural habitats. They provide an energizing and empowering environment to their guests due to their unique offering in terms of activities but also in terms of its build environment. Buildings, rooms and places are created on the basis of biophilic design and traditional knowledge of universal principles of order. The arrangement, structure and materials resonate with the human sensory system and have an ordering and thus calming effect. The activities offered are geared to the four phases of life: childhood, youth, adulthood and old age, and are divided into movement, awareness, community and nutrition. Shared experiences with trainers and lectures allow deep insights into human dimensions and accompany human transitions from unity to multiplicity and from connectedness to wisdom. The resorts accompany their guests towards a fulfilled and long life.

Creation Center

The Creation Center aims at inspiring its visitors and at raising awareness through empowering and immersive activities. It is visible in all important metropolises of the world. The center works as a platform to connect local and global cultural industries with the relevant stakeholders in order to create understanding for a bigger picture. The Creation Center is a focal point for new entertainment products and important content – it is a place to meet and a point of thrilling attraction that emphasizes its touristic and urban relevance. The Creation Center is not only an exceptional sight attracting visitors – it is a forum for the local community and a networking platform for creatives.


From a global perspective, the energy revolution is one of the most important challenges of the 21st century. The sectors at the heart of the energy revolution, namely electricity, heating and mobility, need to be optimized through a process known as sector coupling. The success of the energy revolution lives and dies by technological innovations, which in turn facilitate the intelligent production, storage, distribution and use of sustainable energy. NordLink is a commercial complex offering an intelligent and creative environment focused on energy transition, thus encouraging innovation and facilitating technical breakthroughs in highly specialized branches. The complex is also conceptualized as an innovation campus: future-oriented solutions for the global community are developed, tested and implemented here.

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Water is Love

Water is Love is a vivacious, consciousness-enhancing world of water’s wonders. It is an unprecedented visitor attraction concept: awakening new, enduring consciousness of our relationship to water – playfully, tangibly, amazingly. This is the genesis of a new, unique and significant theme attraction focusing on the element of water, the original source of all life. Buoyant and eventful, the attraction instills in visitors a profound awareness of water – consciousness raising on a global level. The water wonder world welcomes all people between 4 and 99 years old (or older) to experience eight eventful exhibit spaces beneath one roof, diving deeply into an exhilarating, multi-sensory, progressive kinship with water. Transformation and awareness are planet-profitable side effects.

Experience – Integrate – Act


This center presents sustainability and related topics to a wider public by staging exceptionally proactive companies and business start-ups. Different components from the sector sustainability are connected with representatives from trade and innovation centers. The built structure is an eye-catcher for visitors because it is playful and spectacular at the same time. The central plaza of the TomorrowLife provides space for interdisciplinary dialogue while art installations drawing public interest. Open spaces and halls serve as locations for events and conferences.

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