Water is Love

Water is Love is a vivacious, consciousness-enhancing world of water’s wonders. It is an unprecedented visitor attraction concept: awakening new, enduring consciousness of our relationship to water – playfully, tangibly, amazingly. This is the genesis of a new, unique and significant theme attraction focusing on the element of water, the original source of all life. Buoyant and eventful, the attraction instills in visitors a profound awareness of water – consciousness raising on a global level. The water wonder world welcomes all people between 4 and 99 years old (or older) to experience eight eventful exhibit spaces beneath one roof, diving deeply into an exhilarating, multi-sensory, progressive kinship with water. Transformation and awareness are planet-profitable side effects.

Experience – Integrate – Act


This center presents sustainability and related topics to a wider public by staging exceptionally proactive companies and business start-ups. Different components from the sector sustainability are connected with representatives from trade and innovation centers. The built structure is an eye-catcher for visitors because it is playful and spectacular at the same time. The central plaza of the TomorrowLife provides space for interdisciplinary dialogue while art installations drawing public interest. Open spaces and halls serve as locations for events and conferences.