Thoma Holz

Thoma Holz was founded in 1990 by Austrian forester and business economist Erwin Thoma. 

Inspired by the idea of building the healthiest house for his children, Thoma focused on wood, a raw material that was close to his heart. Based on the centuries-old knowledge of timber construction that Erwin Thoma acquired from his grandfather, he developed a unique and solid construction system for wooden houses, based on 100% natural, moon-phase felled, domestic softwood from sustainable forestry, free of wood preservatives and glue. To achieve his goal, Thoma has had to set up his own value chain. Starting with supply contracts with local forest owners, the acquisition of his own sawmill, the construction of a planing mill, and two factories that produce the Holz100 components using a patented system. In collaboration with more than a hundred companies, Thoma has realized his goal of building the healthiest houses in about 30 countries worldwide. In addition, Thoma houses have become a blueprint for a waste-free construction industry based on nature’s closed-loop principle. The Holz100 system achieves the best results in terms of thermal insulation, energy consumption and fire protection. Holz100 is the only building material of its kind to be awarded the gold Cradle-to-Cradle certificate.

In the context of climate change, wood as a building material can make a significant contribution, as it is the most effective CO2 store on earth: one cubic meter of wood can store about one ton of CO2! The best protection for the environment and thus for mitigating the effects of climate change may lie in the establishment of sustainable forest management systems and the increased use of wood as a natural and renewable building material. But Erwin Thoma would not be himself if he did not also take a strictly sustainable approach to production: Holz100 houses are prefabricated in factories that run entirely on solar energy. In the manufacture of the components, the processes are so optimized that almost no raw material is wasted as a side effect of production. Following the example of the forest, everything stays in the cycle and creates a sustainable future for the next generations.

In recent years, Thoma has also applied its knowledge to commercial construction, erecting the first energy-autonomous buildings. With these pioneering large-scale projects, Thoma has set new standards for green buildings. Meanwhile, the founder of this idea passes on his knowledge of healthy timber construction and the forest ecosystem in the form of books and lectures.