Studio Precht

Founded by Fei and Chris Precht, Studio Precht is an architecture firm based in the mountains of Austria that works on projects around the world. Studio Precht believes that the “era of the ego” is over, as is the era of star architects. The future lies in collaboration and trying to connect with people outside their own industry. They are addressing issues that will shape the future of the global community: How can we accommodate a growing population with more ecological construction? How can architecture provide a sense of identity, time and place? How can buildings help make our cities more resilient, creating sustainable communities? And finally, how can architecture be part of our food production and help feed an ever-growing population?

Driven by a strong belief in authentic architecture, Studio Precht designs buildings that use natural materials, leaving a low carbon footprint. Because vital, healthy, and nourishing buildings are what they understand as sustainable buildings, they dedicated two years of development to bringing agriculture back to cities through architecture and urban design. In recent decades, it has become increasingly clear that the lifestyle of the global community, and in particular their eating habits, pose a major threat to human health and the prosperity of the global ecosystem. Bringing food production back into people’s daily lives will democratize the food system and is a necessary contribution to food security in cities. It will also be a much-needed design tool for architects to reconnect cities with nature and create buildings that appeal to all of people’s senses.

Studio Precht was named “Emerging Firm of the Year” at the 2016 Architizer A+Awards in New York, placed first in Archipreneuer’s “Best Architectural Start-ups” in 2017, and has been in the top 40 of Dezeen’s Hot list of the world’s best architects for the last two consecutive years.