Jörg-Rafael Heim

Prof. Dr. Jörg-Rafael Heim, born in 1966, is an author, composer and professor of business taxation, controlling and energy management.

His professional career is characterized on the one hand by a parallelism of in-depth business management and legal activities, and on the other hand by a passion for great forms of expression in music in general and musical theater in particular.

Professionally, as an authorized signatory of an auditing company, Prof. Heim has been developing concepts for new structures optimized in terms of corporate law and tax law for many years, especially in the automotive industry as well as in energy supply companies. As holder of a professorship, he develops models for distribution as well as transmission system operators, especially for solving regulatory problems.

Creatively, he has been composing and orchestrating works for musical theater and producing their performances for about 15 years. In doing so, his music is significantly influenced by the experience gained from his work with oratorios and operas. His great preference is the big sound of choir and orchestra with a stirring dramaturgy.