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Stephen Rotman and Rick Rubin, Figurr Architects Collective
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Figurr Architects Collective is a Canadian architectural firm synonymous with design excellence and its holistic approach to planning. With offices in Montréal and Ottawa, Figurr has evolved over 30 years into a firm that serves both Canadian and international clients. Stephen Rotman is a founding partner of Figurr alongside Richard Rubin, and previously spent more than three decades working for architectural firms in Europe and North America, where he was responsible for a wide range of complex institutional projects, including community centers, schools, museums and libraries, many of which have become landmarks in their respective cities.

Figurr’s identity is based on a collaborative approach that opens the way to the ideas, skills, and cultures of each of the more than forty team members. Figurr Architects Collective’s ability to put themselves in the client’s shoes has led to remarkable results, such as landmark buildings with a high degree of integrity and authenticity. Figurr has a track record of building projects in a variety of sectors, from offices and workplaces to aviation, industry and education. In addition, Figurr has designed and built several projects for the First-Nation in Quebec, reflecting their beliefs and history in contemporary buildings. With the goal of finding distinctive solutions to the unique needs of their clients, Stephen integrates issues of design, context, and function into the development process to create exceptional architecture.