BG Consulting Engineers

Pierre Epars is a partner and managing director at BG Consulting Engineers. 

Involved in projects in many countries, with subsidiaries in Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal and Algeria, the BG group, founded in Switzerland in 1954, is a firm of consulting engineers engaged in the fields of infrastructure, environment, building and energy. As a multidisciplinary consulting firm, BG assist their clients from defining requirements, through design and construction to commissioning and operation of each project.

BG is particularly well known for their expertise in transport and water-management infrastructure. However, the BG group today designs waste management, energy generation and distribution, and urban development infrastructure. As environmental experts, they are assessing and reducing the environmental impact of human activity and develop leading sustainable systems for water, air, soil and waste management sectors. 

In the construction sector, BG delivers future-proof engineering solutions for all kinds of architectural construction or renovation projects.