As a platform, WAVE ONE connects colleagues and partners from far-reaching fields of knowledge, whose competencies flow into the project developments in the most diverse constellations and together result in the greater whole. Volker Adler shapes the constellation of creative minds in each project and ensures that the multitude of often complex topics are considered holistically and developed responsibly. 

The cooperation is based on mutual trust and the common goal to redefine the state-of-the-art in our fields of activity and to produce projects that mark a new benchmark in their markets. Together, we are ready to move off the beaten track and outside any comfort zone, because we know that creative processes require stepping into the unknown. 

Are you interested in joining our community? 

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BG Consulting Engineers

BG Consulting Engineers is our trusted lead engineering partner in the development of our Hyperion modular timber building.

Fabio Daniele Silvestrini

Fabio Daniele Silvestrini is our brand and marketing partner, with whom we design and build the brand world around the WAVE ONE projects.

Figurr Architects Collective

Stephen Rotman and Richard Rubin from Figurr Architects Collective are our lead partner of our Hyperion modular timber highrise building.

Judith Antkowiak

Judith Antkowiak is a singer, musician and associate creative partner. We have been accompanying Judith’s solo career since 2021.

Jörg-Rafael Heim

Jörg-Rafael Heim is an author and composer and associate creative partner. His current project is the new original work Hexenhammer.


Kommalpha is a consulting company in the institutional investment market and our partner in the analysis of market developments.

L’Université dans la Nature

L’Université dans la Nature is our scientific partner in the development of health-promoting programs that reconnect citizens to nature. 

Remmco International

Remmco International GmbH is, among other projects, our business partner in the development of our project NordLink and TomorrowLife in Berlin.

Nikos Salingaros

Prof. Nikos Salingaros is our leading expert on the future topics of Biophilia, Human-centered Design and Pattern Language.

Sarah Nevada Grether

Sarah Nevada Grether is a dancer, choreographer, actress and associate creative partner. We develop various projects with her.

Studio Precht

Fey and Chris Precht are our Hyperion inspiration and architectural experts around high-rise timber construction and urban farming.

Thoma Holz

Erwin Thoma has developed a cradle-to-cradle certified timber construction and is our key partner in sustainable timber buildings.


Dr. Marc Klages of Ventr GmbH is our partner in the development of Smart Spaces that redefine future collaboration and work structures.

Volker Adler

Volker Adler is the idea generator, project developer, mentor, and producer and as such the driving force behind WAVE ONE.