WAVE ONE Leonhard Cohen, Canada

The Global Cultural and Creative Industry is our home turf

WAVE ONE Piazza San Marco, Venice

A new building tradition inspired by century old building art

WAVE ONE Georgia

Live entertainment and human encounter are food for human souls

WAVE ONE Inner Reference

One’s own inner reference point enables clear navigation and co-creation in life


We have taken time to prepare, and we are ready to start our journey: With a new, holistic approach, we want to create trendsetting and meaningful projects that open up new human dimensions and bring a healthy discipline and responsibility to people’s actions. For the highest good of all. 

Cultural and Creative Industries

We are experts and players in the global cultural and creative industries (CCI), which is an integral, massive and universal cornerstone of the world economy. WAVE ONE initiates and develops projects in the fields of architecture, performing arts, books, music, games and film.

Investing in CCI

The culture and creative industries (CCI) are still in their infancy and will define the third millennium. Market researches in recent years has made the relevance and significance of this sector visible. A sector in which the well-known major players account for only a fraction of the market volume.


An old saying goes that it takes a whole village to raise a child. Among other things, it provides the child with a wide variety of role models on which it can orient itself. Our project developments are based on the most diverse fields of competence in order to ensure a holistic perspective.


We are committed to providing a platform for our partners from science and research, academic institutions, entrepreneurs and craftsmen, producers and artists, futurologists and educational organizations and other fields to report on future trends and share knowledge.


We would be happy to keep you informed about our developments. Leave us your email, we handle it with care, promised.

Business Fields


Entertainment means to us, inspiring and paving the way for a new human dimension. Our focus lies on mentoring new and seasoned talent to build projects with a strong core message. Our productions aim at an international audience and are scalable across formats and markets.


Education means to us the upgrowth of a person from childhood to old age along multiple intelligentsias. Our Mission is to initiate projects that offer a new framework that touches on all human dimensions and empowers each person to thrive on their individual life path.

Real Estate

Developing a cultural infrastructure

Developing real estate projects means to us initiating healing and multidimensional buildings and places for people which offer opportunities to built resilient communities. This includes a systemic change in construction, food production and human lifestyle to address climate change.